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How To Start A Zero Turn Mower

1. Getting Started With Your Zero Turn Mower

Make sure the mower is on a flat and stable surface to prevent any unexpected movements.
Ensure that there are no obstacles or people near the mower.

2. Adjust Your Mower Seat:

Sit comfortably in the mower’s seat, adjusting the position if needed.
Engage the Parking Brake:

Typically, there will be a lever or switch to engage the parking brake. Make sure it’s set to prevent the mower from moving unexpectedly.

3. Check the Throttle:

Set the throttle to a “choke” or “start” position. This will provide the engine with a richer fuel mixture to help it start.

4. Depress the Brake Pedals:

Zero turn mowers usually have two levers (which control movement) or foot pedals. Hold these in the neutral or brake position.

5. Turn the Ignition Key:

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to the “start” position, just like starting a car. Once the engine roars to life, release the key.

6. Adjust the Throttle:

Once the mower has started, adjust the throttle from the “choke” or “start” position back to a normal or “run” setting.

7. Release the Parking Brake:

Once you’re ready to move, disengage the parking brake.

Remember, always refer to your specific mower’s user manual for detailed instructions, as there might be slight variations between different models and brands. Safety should always be the top priority when operating heavy machinery like a zero turn mower.

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