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Find the Perfect Mower for Your Martinsville Greens

Choose and Buy Lawn Mower Models Tailored for Martinsville's Terrain

Martinsville’s landscapes are as diverse as they are beautiful, and at Elliott’s Auto & Equipment, we understand that each blade of grass requires a precise cut. Our selection of mowers, including the highly maneuverable zero turn mowers, are designed to meet the unique needs of Martinsville’s residential and commercial properties. Whether you’re looking to buy a lawn mower for your backyard or a fleet for your business, we have the models that will ensure a perfect trim every time.

Dependable Tractors for Martinsville's
Farming and Landscaping Needs

Invest in a Tractor That Worksas Hard as You Do in Martinsville, VA

Martinsville’s farming and landscaping demands are no match for our range of tractors. At Elliott’s Auto & Equipment, we offer robust and reliable tractors tailored to tackle any task. From compact utility tractors for small acreage to heavy-duty machines for extensive agricultural projects, we provide the horsepower you need to get the job done efficiently.


Expert Lawn Mower
Repair Services


Keeping Martinsville's Mowers in Top Condition

Your mower is an essential tool for maintaining your Martinsville lawn’s aesthetic and health. That’s why at Elliott’s Auto & Equipment, we offer comprehensive lawn mower repair services. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and fixing a range of issues, from routine maintenance to complex engine repairs, ensuring your mower continues to operate at its best.

Professional Tractor
Service and Repair

Ensuring Martinsville's Tractors Perform at Their Peak

The performance of your tractor is critical for your agricultural success in Martinsville. Our tractor service and repair specialists are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to maintain your tractor’s health. From basic tune-ups to extensive repairs, we’ll make sure your investment is functioning efficiently and effectively, season after season.


Your One-Stop Shop to Buy Mower and Tractor Equipment in Martinsville


Quality Equipment Sales to Meet Every Martinsville Lawn and Field Requirement

When it’s time to upgrade or expand your equipment, Elliott’s Auto & Equipment is your premier destination in Martinsville, VA. We not only sell mowers and tractors but also provide the guidance you need to make an informed purchase. Our team is committed to helping you find the best equipment that fits your budget and meets your operational needs.

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Ready to buy a mower, need a tractor service, or looking to get your lawn mower repaired? Contact Elliott’s Auto & Equipment today. Our commitment to quality products, exceptional services, and unparalleled customer support makes us Martinsville’s go-to source for all mower and tractor needs.